4 Common Porta Potty Myths You Should Ignore

A friend might recommend portable toilets when hosting a backyard party or outdoor event. They ensure convenience and sanitation around your event venue. Although there are many benefits of porta potties, certain myths may make you avoid them. This piece will deconstruct some myths and misconceptions to help you make a bold and informed decision when renting portable toilets.

1. They Don't Have Handwashing Sinks

Permanent toilets have sinks to help users wash their hands. But do portable toilets have such features? Modern facilities boast in-built hand sanitizers and sink to help users clean their hands after visiting the restroom.

Your agency may also provide separate handwash stations and help you install them right outside the porta potties. Depending on your contract, the company might provide sanitation supplies such as water, soap, and paper towels. They'll be responsible for disposing of the wastewater and replenishing the suppliers.

2. They Don't Suit Elegant Events

Most event hosts think about the standard portable toilets often used in construction sites or camping events. They are usually not fancy but are designed to serve the purpose. If you plan an elegant corporate or VIP event, you may wonder whether the standard option will suit your occasion.

However, you will be delighted to discover luxury trailer restrooms that suit high-end events. They are often attractive and come with numerous luxurious features. Both the exterior and interior looks are appealing. You can ask for a customized toilet trailer to suit your event theme. There's always something for everyone when it comes to porta potties.

3. The Toilets Aren't Good for the Environment

Have you been trying to understand where the waste in the porta potties goes? These structures are built to collect all the waste in portable tanks for convenient waste management. Your agency is responsible for providing waste disposal service. Most toilets use minimal water, while others use chemicals to manage waste and keep the toilet clean. Therefore, portable toilets can keep your event venue clean

4. They Are Expensive

What alternatives do you have when you want to host an outdoor wedding? Constructing a permanent toilet for a temporary occasion is not a good idea. Renting the restrooms turns out to be more affordable than most alternatives. Besides, the agency will get relevant paperwork, disposal fees, and logistics. You don't have to incur additional costs when you pay the rental amount.

If you've been on the fence about portable toilet rentals due to these myths, you can now make informed decisions when planning an event.

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