Signs You May Need To Call A Toilet Backup Repair Service Before Your Toilet Backs Up

If you attempt to flush your toilet and the water rises or overflows the toilet bowl, it is obvious that you have a clog. If you are unable to free the clog using a plunger or plumbing snake, you should contact a toilet backup repair service to assist you. But, before things get this bad, your toilet often gives you signs that something is wrong and that a clog may be forming. Knowing what these signs are can help you to catch problems and call in a professional to make the needed repairs before your toilet begins to overflow. Here are a few of the signs that indicate you may need to call a toilet backup repair service. 

You Smell Foul Odors Coming From the Toilet

One of the signs that you may need to call a toilet backup repair service is that you smell foul odors coming from the toilet. If you walk by the toilet and smell something bad, it could be that there is a clog in the drain line that is partially obstructing the pipe and causing waste to slowly move through the pipe. Because waste is moving slowly, you may be able to smell it still sitting in the drain line. 

You Hear Bubbling or Gurgling From the Toilet

Another sign that you may need toilet backup repair services is hearing a bubbling or gurgling noise coming from your toilet. Air can enter your drain line, also known as the sewer line, if there is a crack in your sewer line. This crack can eventually lead to your sewer line collapsing or waste flooding your front yard. If you hear bubbling or gurgling, you need to have your toilet and drain line inspected. 

Your Toilet is Slow to Drain

The final sign that indicates that you may need to reach out to a toilet backup repair service is a toilet that is slow to drain. A toilet that is slow to drain may be caused by a blocked plumbing stack or plumbing vent. It also may indicate that there is a small clog in the sewer line that is preventing waste from flowing quickly through the line. A professional can evaluate your toilet and determine if you need the plumbing vent or stack cleaned or if you need a clog removed. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, there may be a clog in the drain line. However, that clog may not be fully blocking the drain line, which is why you are still able to flush your toilet and have the waste go down. If you neglect these signs and fail to call in a toilet backup repair service to determine the problem and fix it, you could soon find yourself with an overflowing toilet. Contact a toilet backup repair service today to avoid this scenario. 

For more information, contact a company that offers toilet backup repair services.