3 Important Things To Consider Regarding Your Wedding Plans

Are you planning to host an outdoor wedding in the upcoming year? Have you already started picking out favors for your wedding party and decided what kind of cake you'll be serving at the reception? A wedding is one of the biggest and happiest days in anyone's life and you undoubtedly want to make it the best possible occasion for your friends and family. But one thing that you may not be considering is where your guests will go when they need to relieve themselves. Admittedly, this isn't the prettiest topic to think about, but it is definitely one that requires more than just cursory thoughts. When you're going to be in a relatively remote location, probably the best solution is to rent one or more portable toilets for your guests to use. Some things to think about include:

Number of guests: The more guests are going to be invited to your wedding, the more toilets that you're going to need. Even if your chosen venue already has toilets, there may not be enough of them. This is especially true if your wedding is to be held in a park that may not clean or restock any available toilets more than once or twice a week. For larger numbers of guests, you may want your portable toilet rental to be for a trailer rather than multiple single units.

Mobility device users: There are many locations where the existing restrooms either lack handicap facilities, those facilities are in poor repair, or the facilities are simply too difficult to access. Any guests who use canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and similar devices would be unable to use these facilities. Thankfully, you can get a portable toilet rental that is handicap-accessible. These units will allow any of your guests that use mobility aids to relieve themselves when necessary, making the whole experience a more pleasant one.

Length of reception: If you intend to only have a very quick reception, with perhaps just a cake cutting, then you may not need a portable toilet rental. On the other hand, if you're going to be partying for more than an hour or two then you're definitely going to need at least a few toilets available. The longer the reception is going to be, the more of your guests are going to be likely to need to use the restroom facilities. If you don't have any available, your guests may leave and not come back. Because of this, it's a good idea to make sure that there are adequate facilities to use.