3 Tips For Disposing Of Construction Debris In An Environmentally Friendly Way

A lot of planning goes into a successful renovation or remodel. Not only do you need to nail down all of the details for the changes that you want to make, but you must also craft a plan for disposing of your construction debris. Here are a few tips to ensure the disposal of your construction waste is as environmentally friendly as possible.

1. Repurpose Items When Possible

One of the easiest ways to make your entire project as environmentally-friendly as possible is to repurpose items when possible. For example, assume that you have a lot of wood 2x4s leftover from your project. You can repurpose these and use them to construct furniture or an outside structure. Old bricks are a great addition to your landscaping, while old cabinets provide a terrific workspace in your outside workshop. 

2. Use a Dumpster Rental Service That Recycles Your Debris

To make renovations or updates as convenient as possible, you may decide to hire a dumpster rental service. A dumpster rental service provides an on-sight dumpster for you to dispose of all your construction waste and debris. Remember, many of the items from your project can't go in your normal waste bin. If you opt to not use a dumpster, you'll either need to haul these items away yourself to a dump that accepts them or hire a company to handle the cleanup portion of your project. 

Your dumpster rental service will make sure that your construction debris is properly disposed of. However, look for a rental service that takes things a step further and separates out items that can be recycled or repurposed.

The service might donate old appliances and woodwork that are still in good condition to a secondhand store or charity that accepts them. Plastic, glass, and wooden items that can't be reused should be correctly recycled. This will keep as much of your project waste as possible from going into a landfill. 

3. Learn How to Dispose of Potentially Hazardous Chemicals

Even though a dumpster rental service can handle the bulk of your construction debris, they may not accept liquids or other substances that contain potentially hazardous chemicals. If your service does accept these items, ask what procedures you need to follow when placing the hazardous item in the dumpster. They may have special packaging to note the danger of the chemical and keep it from spilling.

If your dumpster rental service doesn't handle hazardous items, you'll want to contact your city's waste management division to learn how to properly dispose of the items. Some cities have designated drop off sites for certain items.